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D&D game (Rising Star)
looking for anyone interested in a upcoming Dungeons and Dragons game. I'm new to the area and was hoping to find a new group. The game will be running off the Pathfinder system and I'm still open on
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super good idea for all seniors (abilene)
super good idea for all seniors  abilene
Many seniors do not look or act like seniors any more. It is a real problem we have on our hands. I am one or them. Unfortunately, the poor poor economy has caused much hard ache on many of the people
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Brownwood,Tx Post Seek and Find ` (76801 )
Brownwood Tx Post Seek and Find    76801
https://www.facebook.com/groups/brownwoodtxpostseekandfindofficalgroupfacebook under my groups this is a site for all this site is for those of you that are ISO that special Item and have already look
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The National Weather service has upgraded the Cyclone to a Cat 5 and is expected to make land fall by the weekend if not sooner. This storm has the potential to be a huge money maker and a true game c
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Friends (Abilene)
Friends  Abilene
What's up people!? I've lived here in Abilene for the last few months, & have yet to make a friend that doesn't flake out on the last minute. Lol. Where I lived before I had little "shindigs" where pe
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wanting to start play football again
Hello my name is Gabriel I am trying to start playing football again I used to play every Sunday and every body just kinda stopped showing up want to make this a regular saying if we can So if u have
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You're invited to my FREE weight loss support group!
You re invited to my FREE weight loss support group
Join at https://www.facebook.com/groups/Lisaskickstartit/
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Couponers !!! (Abilene)
I'm wanting to start a group of couponers. I'm not sure how this would work, I'm fairly new to couponing (and the area), lol. But we could meet up maybe once a week, swap coupons (that we don't want/n
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Organic Home Based Business Opportunity
Organic Home Based Business Opportunity
https://us.nyrorganic.com/shop/simplyorganictanning/If you are interested in a home based business opportunity please check out the website. If you have any questions call or email me. I personally lo
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Childcare available two spots (Abilene )
Hi there I have two spots available for Childcare. Have previous daycare Childcare experience and watch a couple other kids already. Only ask 75 a week if a sibling the 60 a week for that sibling. Tex
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Camero ???
Just wondering if there is a Camero Group ( car club ) ? I have a 91, so looking for a group...
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FACEBOOK-Abilene Buy, Sale N Trade (Abilene area)
We Have a new group on Facebook for Buying , Saleing and Trading in Abilene and surrounding areas..Come join us , make a little money , spend a little money and have a good time , Abilene , Buy ,
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salon/fitness/spa (Abilene Texas)
Tired of paying $40-$100 at a wokout place just to get an hour of boring workouts? Stop an save your money! We have a free fit camp! Yes it's totally free! No money required, easy way to get back into
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ATTENTION ALL ENTREPRENEURS / NET WORKERS:Have You Ever Dreamed Of Being Right At The Very Start? How Many Times Have We All Said...If Only I Were At The Top/Beginning? So if you're tired of business
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Anyone interested in Dog Obedience/Social Club (Coleman/Cross Plains)
Just wondering if anyone is interested in forming a Dog Obedience/Social club. As far as I am aware there doesn't seem to be any clubs or associations that offer obedience training in this area. In Au
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Perpetual Engineering Company needs like minded volunteers! (Breckenridge but can live anywhere)
Perpetual Engineering Company needs like minded volunteers   Breckenridge but can live anywhere
My name is Robert and I started the Perpetual Engineering Company, I have many ideas that could be profitable BUT I need people who are geeks and people who are experienced in AutoCAD. I myself am a g
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ATTENTION ALL METAL LOVERS!!! (http://metalcorearoundtheworld.webs.com)
ATTENTION ALL METAL LOVERS     http   metalcorearoundtheworld webs com
I have been constructing a website for a universal metal family OF ALL KINDS (even though the site does have the word "metalcore" in it) to come together and unite. Membership is FREE, and all it take
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Turbo Fire Fitness Group
I sponsor online health and fitness support groups that can help you MAKE THE CHANGES you want in your life. If you are ready to start, and love to MOVE, SHAKE it, KICK and BOX, Join My Turbo Fire Boo
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Vacation or travel ? (World wide )
If you like to travel or am looking for a vaction I can offer the best rate possible along with a proposal to make money if your intrested text me and i can set up a presentation 910 381 9284 this rea
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look at my youtube crazy ass videos (sweetwater tx)
look at my youtube crazy ass videos  sweetwater tx
https://www.youtube.com/user/mepoolu17/videos you wont regret it Location: sweetwater tx
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