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cheap gasoline (seminole texas )
I have lived here for 50 years, during this time gasoline prices have always been higher than all the neighboring towns around us.. I am sick and tired of this so i ask anyone that is traveling to not
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Peace through education, not war
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The "March" for justice in the Micah Anthony Key Case (San Angelo Tx)
"THE MARCH" for Micah Anthony Key July 31st at Lowe's off of Main st. & August 1st at the Court house location 112 W. Beauregard from 8am til 11am both days in San Angelo TX. We ask that you help us s
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Carry your Switchblade in Texas! (ibwsales.biz)
Carry your Switchblade in Texas   ibwsales biz
As of September 1, 2013 you may legally carry switchblades knives that otherwise comply with the state knife law. switchblades under 5 1/2" blade length that are not sharp on both sides may be carried
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Knife Laws Change in Texas (ibwsales.biz)
Knife Laws Change in Texas  ibwsales biz
September 1, 2013 Automatic knives, balisongs, butterfly knives, gravity operated knives, otf (out the front) knives, that have been prohibited under the broad definition of switchblade in Texas will
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kettle corn (502 s. chadbourne)
We will be popping kettle corn at the gables ( 502 s chadbourne across from municipal pool) Wednesday July 3rd. Place a preorder by texting 325-650-2289 with name and number of bags. We will accept ca
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Knife ban lifted in Texas! (ibwsales.biz)
Knife ban lifted in Texas   ibwsales biz
Switchblade knives have been removed from the list of prohibited weapons by HB1862 that has been signed into law and will go into effect 09/01/2013.Learn what knives will be legal to carry and what kn
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Donation For Child "Link" http://www.gofundme.com/3cdku8
Donation For Child  Link  http   www gofundme com 3cdku8
Hello my Son Jeremiah Roberts HasCardiomyopathy, its a virus that attacksthe heart. So now he'll need a hearttransplant. We have insurance, but it willnot cover the procedure. The heart virusbegan whe
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