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Portuguese Interpreter Needed (Houston)
In October, a group of Brazilian and Portuguese educators will be visiting U.S. schools through the Educational Seminars program, an exchange program for U.S. and Brazilian/Portuguese educators to wor
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Make a some extra money on your free time by writing.We are looking for people to write ads and publications to be posted on specified sites.The whole process takes no more than one hour and you will
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3. Sell Kitsy Lane Jewelry to Your Stylish Clients:
3  Sell Kitsy Lane Jewelry to Your Stylish Clients
As an esthetician, I give a lot of facials to people, typically women, who like to take care of their appearances and look their best. A large portion of them are also very fashionable and accessorize
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Contract Content Writer to work part-time (Houston)
Contract Content Writer to work part-time  Houston
A fast growing software development and Internet marketing company is looking for an intelligent, well-rounded contract content writer to work part-time. In this role, you will write content for our c
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Political Blog (Republican/Libertarian) (Houston, TX)
I am starting up a website (in the infant stage) on politics. The website is not affiliated towards any party but has a right-wing slant hence the title.Looking for someone that will be able to look t
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Bonarroo go-ers
Very popular music blog is looking for reviewers and interviewers that attended Bonnaroo or will be attending Bonnaroo 2013 to write.If you've got writing experience and are interested in your opinion
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Rap critics and journalists
Very popular music blog is looking for reviewers and interviewers with a long standing knowledge of rap, it's artist's and are familiar with the classic and obscure albums that any knowledgeable rap f
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Experienced Article Writers -
Turn your life around today and work from home for fantastic pay.This is a basic typing / writing / data entry job with added benefits including all of the following.- Flexible working hours to suit y
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looking for waitess (18 and up) se busca meseras mayor de 18 anos (houston)
Looking for Waitresses (18 and up)Se buscan meseras mayor de 18 anos.Que hablen espanol se ofrece buen sueldo.Must speak Spanish competitive pay.For more information and an interview please text to 83
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Review writing (Houston)
We are looking for few writers to write online business reviews. Pay is $20 to $30 per review. For details please email with subject line "Online Reviews Houston." Compensation: 20-30
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Do You Love Fashion? Earn Money at No Cost with Kitsy Lane (Galveston)
Do You Love Fashion  Earn Money at No Cost with Kitsy Lane  Galveston
As a culinary student, I am always look for new, fun ways to make a little extra money. One day while I was online shopping (I love fashion as much as I love food!), I stumbled upon this amazing onli
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Pursue Your True Passion and Become a Boutique Owner at Kitsy Lane (Galveston)
Pursue Your True Passion and Become a Boutique Owner at Kitsy Lane  Galveston
Even though I have a job as a part-time housekeeper, I have always been looking for ways to make money while pursuing my true passions: fashion and entrepreneurship. One of the house owners I worked f
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Have a Part-Time Job? Spend Your Free Time Making Money with Kitsy Lan (galveston)
Have a Part-Time Job  Spend Your Free Time Making Money with Kitsy Lan  galveston
As a part-time camp counselor during the summers home from fashion design school, I am always looking for ways to make extra money. I had shopped online at Kitsy Lane a few times and I loved all of my
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Research and Writing Tech (Houston)
Trying to find a few people to conduct online research for various web related projects. Our company has hundreds of projects in the pipeline that need reviewed before they reach the next level of pro
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Blogger needed (Houston)
We are an online company looking a for a blogger to post one story per week. We pay per gig please contact today. Location: Houston Compensation: Per article
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Business and Fashion Expertise? Become a jewelry Boutique Owner at Kit
Business and Fashion Expertise  Become a jewelry Boutique Owner at Kit
I own a small cafe/coffee shop in the center of my town, and I have very friendly relationships with all of my customers. I love accessorizing and dressing up simple outfits with fun jewelry, and when
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Seeking Spanish/English translator (Houston)
Looking for someone to translate during meetings, pay is negotiable.Please send resume with photo and any other information that would make me want to hire you! Location: Houston Compensation: Negot
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comedy writer! (Houston)
Looking for someone who has an ich for writing comedies, I want to form a serious team to get some exposure. Please email me for more information Location: Houston Compensation: no pay
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Looking for Writers --
Have you been looking for a chance to earn good money. We are seeking enthusiastic men and women to write, type and carry out data entry tasks. Straightforward work that anyone who can use a computer
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Strong Editor Needed for Short Stories (Houston Area ONLY!)
I need a strong editor for my short stories. You mustbe good in punctuation, grammar and understanding ofbasic syntax.Please leave a number and time for me to contact you.If you do not leave contact i
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