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Entrepreneurs Needed
I am an entrepreneur looking for other entrepreneurs to join my business team. If you are interested in the legal field, alternative dispute resolution, or consulting then this is the right opportunit
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$1,200 honorarium for Science Fiction and Speculative Fiction Writers
Science Fiction and Speculative Fiction Writersmixer publishing is offering a $1,200 honorarium for the best speculative/sci-fi story, comic, or poem.With guest editor Paul Tremblay, author of Swallow
  1200 USD (6 years ago )
Necesitamos un evaluador restaurante (Houston)
Goodwin y Associates está buscando actualmente los hombres y las mujeres para evaluar un restaurante local en el área de Houston.Usted necesita comprar:tres platos de comidaNecesitas evaluar la comida
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Immediate Hire
I am currently seeking a few people who can work out of their homes. - assisting in an at home business. I need motivated and serious people only! Please inbox me your name and phone number and I will
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Seeking someone to write review on popular review sites ($20) (Houston, TX)
We are seeking someone who can write a review on a popular review site. Please send us information on review sites that you are currently a member of. $20 via paypal.Thank you. Location: Houston, T
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Seeking writers for short Articles -
Earn $15+ per hour from home for easy writing, typing and data entry jobs.This job includes these brilliant advantages,- Work from your own home environment.- Flexible working hours to suit your life.
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Fantasy Baseball Writer Needed
Our brand new fantasy baseball news and community website is launching this week and we need writers to help out. This is an opportunity to get some of your material out into the webisphere and would
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Arts and Entertainment writer (Houston)
Arts and Entertainment writer  Houston
Informer Media Group is looking for a writer (or two) to attend events and write about them. While there is no pay involved, you get to attend some great events for free and write about them (you will
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Sports Writers Needed..Great Opportunity
We are an Up-Start Sports website looking for a few writers/journalists/columnist. This is a serious ad must have knowledge and be open to be able to produce magazine style writing with little bloggin
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Baller Mind Frame is a partner with the Yardbarker/FOX Sports network and has been featured prominently on both sites, as well as media-credentialed in certain markets. Our writers bring a ton of expe
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Writer or editor (US)
Hello , I am looking for someone to enhance my client sales material . This includes proofing and rewriting my website pages, developing a sales letter that is bulletproof and geared towards getting b
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News writing interns needed (SE Houston suburbs)
News intern needed for Houston-area online news site covering news, events, government, sports and happenings in the city and school district footprints. The website attracts some 500,000 page views p
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........Any Good Western Short Stories In Houston? (..............Houston and Surrounding)
Any Good Western Short Stories In Houston                  Houston and Surrounding
Hello, I am an amateur filmmaker looking for a strong short story to make into a short film. Please contact me if you have a good short story that you would like to see made into a short film. I am op
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College Football Sports writer (Big 12)
College Football Sports writer  Big 12
Stanley's Stinkers is looking for a freelance college football writer. If you want to have your work seen and read by thousands, this is the chance you have been looking for. Fans, established writers
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Searching Articles Writers - Houston
Do you want to leave your current job but not sure what you will do? Read on to find out how you could work online from home for $15+ per hour. We are currently recruiting applicants who live in or ne
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I need essay paper completed (ONLINE)
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Academic Copy Editor Needed (TX)
I am looking for a copy editor to edit an academic article for grammar and style. Also, you will need to check for missing citations and place them in the appropriate section in APA style. Also, you w
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Review Anime (Texas)
Review Anime  Texas
A quickly growing arts and entertainment website is expanding and needs some writers who are passionate about Anime. If you can write quality stuff and are knowledgeable about Anime, take a look at ou
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Project Writers Apply Here -
People urgently needed for flexible work from home.Writing, typing and data entry tasks that don't require any past experience.If you live in the Houston region,then APPLY NOW for more information.
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Writer / copywriter / essays / blogs/ technical writing [$10 ea.] (Giddings, TX [work from home])
Writer   copywriter   essays   blogs  technical writing   10 ea    Giddings  TX  work from home
Our Marketing Team is looking for a smart, strategic thinking, problem solver-who also happens to be a phenomenal writer. Understanding of what makes great copy and storytelling is a must, as well as
  10 USD (6 years ago )