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Concerned Veterans For America, Activists, Volunteer, Freedom, Liberty (Louisiana/Mississippi)
Looking for Volunteers. Groups or individuals, who are interested in Standing up for our Veterans and Wounded, Strong National Defense, Fiscal Responsibility, Freedom, Liberty, Maintaining a Constitut
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This is pretty much fair
Im only speaking for myself. But I am owed $1000 per person even on good intentions. The bad intentions is where it gets shaky. Especially in my own personal business, and since it was suicide rela
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persons harassing (biloxi,ms)
We have been harassed night and day, we reside at 343 railroad st biloxi, mswe have called the police numerous times, the harassment is by the persons residing at 341 railroad st and 236 crawford sts,
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White Skin (Science)
White Skin  Science
I have been a student of anthropology for several decades. Humans are mammals and early life came about in the mid latitudes. Before we were humans we were Reptilian and before that we were Fish.
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Found lost Dogs (St Francisville)
Lots of dogs looking for owners are waiting at the West Feliciana "Bo Bryant" Animal Shelter in St. Francisville. They range from tiny to very large. Please look us up on facebook, call, or come by! T
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It's the the end we have all have been played (World)
Annunaki take over earth Truthhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ennkzu2LuGI Location: World
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Email address of a phishing punk (have some fun with it)
This punk sends out emails telling you that he wants to send you a lot of money because his wife and he just won a pile in a lotto, etc....you know the routine. He is trying to get your personal info
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The Drug Culture Political Rights (all over)
The Drug Culture Political Rights  all over
The Drug Culture Why make laws that give crime control over the drugs people use?A culture of people made up of millions should have their political freedom and rightsBut what are the drug laws being
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Recall St. Tammany Coroner Peter Galvanhttp://www.ccstp.org/ Location: St. Tammany
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Medicare Competivie Bidding (Lafayette)
Please Help!! Charles Boustany Jr. 337-235-6322Since many companies that were awarded Medicare Competitive Bidding contracts DO NOT have the required Louisiana
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March to Freedom this July 4th (Baton Rouge, LA)
March to Freedom this July 4th  Baton Rouge  LA
This July 4th we are marching on the Capitol building in Baton Rouge. We are not demanding the removal of government, but the dissolution of the facade of government in DC right now. We are standing u
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Obama says not to Celebrate the 4th (USA)
I say Go Climb a Tree and bark at the Moon Obama BLUNTTRAMAObama to College Students: Do Not Celebrate Fourth of Julyby STONEYyesterdayObama Speaks to Congressional Summer InternsObama Speaks t
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Concealed Carry Class (Walker, LA)
Concealed Carry Class   Walker  LA
We are offering a summer special price for our June and July classes. Our normal charge is $120, but for classes during the month of June and July we are offering a special price of $100. Visit our we
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Paul Bonge is one of the producers on the film ARTISTS DIE BEST IN BLACK. While Paul is most likely a generally nice guy, he is being fed a line of BS from Hollywood producers who have convinced him
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End 25 years of murder.
End 25 years of murder
Stop a serial Killer!Is there a real investigator anywhere?End 25 Years of murder.
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Biopic film about Bobby Jindal (LA)
Biopic film about Bobby Jindal  LA
CultJam Productions released an online film about Bobby Jindal's college antics. The film is titled Ivy League Exorcist: The Bobby Jindal Story. It's a mumblecore-style film shot in a cinema verite m
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Time to Stand Up Against Tyranny and March on the Capitol! (Arsenal Park, Capitol Park)
Armed Optional, Bring Cameras! Location: Arsenal Park, Capitol Park
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may be in new orleansSTOLEN BLACK SUNL SCOOTER (BILOXI,MS)increased rewardnew info vin numbers off of engine and framescooter black sunl lb150t with black saddle bagshas WING in red on front fender, s
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Feds seize phone records of verizon Wireless (USA)
Feds seize phone records of verizon Wireless   USA
Print Article Send a Tipby Ben Shapiro 5 Jun 2013, 7:54 PM PDT 3 post a commentAccording to a breaking report from the UK Guardian, Barack Obama's National Security Agency has been collecting phone re
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Final Revolutionary Army Armed (Optional) March on Baton Rouge (Baton Rouge, LA)
Location: Baton Rouge, LA
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