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Dear: Friend My belief is that everyone is created equal regardless of age, race or religion, thru my lifetime I've seen politicians promise the world and deliver very little, tell you what you want
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Gun grab fails--watch out for another mass shooting (LSU)
Obama and his Communist militants in the democrat party have failed to pass the gun grab. Soooooo, now look for another mass shooting using the same weapons that Obama wants to ban. Obama will kill
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Internet Tax vote TODAY
Mary Landrieu supports the Internet tax bill being voted on today. That means that all retail dealers that you have dealt with will have to, not only tax you on purchases but also, turn your records
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Mary Landrieu votes against us again! (UN treaty)
Mary Landrieu likes to call herself a middle of the road candidate, like John Breaux. But she is NO John Breaux. Now she has voted for the UN small arms treaty to give the UN power over our Constitu
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Concealed Carry Class (Walker, LA)
Concealed Carry Class   Walker  LA
Attention new gun owners or those wishing to purchase a gun. We offer a one day concealed carry class that is approved by the NRA and State of Louisiana. Even if you have no experience shooting we can
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Get ready for martial law
Watch for another mass shooting somewhere. You can bet Obama and his masters are planning one.AND,http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2013/04/seals-admits-obama-signed-exec-order-for-nukes-and-marti
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another sneaky election (Ascension)
Elected official of Ascension Parish seems to think we are not taxed enough. So they are having an election this Sat. May 4th. This issue could have been put on the ballot at the last major election w
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Want to have more time to keep updated on current events?
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Act! For America (LA)
Act  For America  LA
Good Morning, This is an announcement that now a Slidell Chapter for ACT! FOR AMERICA is officially open. EVEN though the headquarters for the chapter are in Slidell, Everyone is invited to join. The
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RE:Save America
More proof that the occutards were nothing more than a bunch of Communists.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Vietnam Veterans For Freedom (Louisiana)
Consider joining this great new political action community FREE!Go to:http://www.vietnamveteransforfreedom.com Location: Louisiana
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PLEASE in desperate need of Laptop, HELP! (Gretna)
Hi! I know this is posted in the wrong section but please hear me out. My name is Emily, and I am desperately in need of a laptop computer with wi-fi. I am in Nursing school at Holy Cross to be an
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Nice Try Jindal...
Nice Try Jindal
Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal has given up his plan to swap Louisiana's personal and corporate income taxes for a broader, steeper sales tax. It is obvious who this 'plan' was meant to benefit, corpora
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Eienstein on Socialism
"I am convinced there is only one way to eliminate these grave evils[of capitalism], namely through the establishment of a socialist economy, accompanied by an educational system which would be orient
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Looking for Anti-New world order people! (Westbank)
Looking for Anti-New world order people   Westbank
I am looking for like minded anti-new world order people who would like to start an alternative news source. Lets face it, Fox, CNN, NBC, ect... are not credible, they report what they are paid to rep
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a history lesson (b street)
http://www.tomatobubble.com/presidentpsycho.html Location: b street
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all politic ppl are wellcome :) (2740 severn ave metairie LA 70003)
all politic ppl are wellcome      2740 severn ave metairie LA 70003
details Family Factory inc .PRESENT END THE SCHOOL PARTY FRIDAY,24 @VooDoo BBQ & GIRLL Door Opens 10pm -all ages are wellcome:)$10 cover music by DJ TAVO ,DJ GUANACO...reggeton,bachata,mambo,dembow ,H
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vote no (westbank)
Don't forget to vote. Get rid of the tolls that will be used only to enhance the Dome, Quarter, and politicians whims. I live four blocks from the toll booth and our roads are deplorable. I can't get
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Sen. David 'Diaper' Vitter Thinks We Are Stupid (LA)
Here is Senator Vitter's latest letter to us:Dear Friend, I don't have to tell Louisianians that when the economy is bad, families and businesses struggle. The Obama economy has been hard on many fami
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On Gun Control (Snidely)
On Gun Control  Snidely
Gun control is hitting your target. Location: Snidely
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