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RE: Guns (UL)
True about racial statistics and guns. Blacks at about 11-13% of the population commit the vast majority of gun related violence. Or violence in general. All majority black cities have staggering v
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A white president would have been impeached a dozen times by now. Obama was the only one that had the authority to order a "stand down".The Benghazi murders could have been stopped but no one was all
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What's that old saying? (None so blind....)
as those that WILL NOT see.Seek help yourself. Location: None so blind....
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don't waste your time (UL)
quoting The Bible to a guy that lives to unzip his boyfriends pants Location: UL
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Hitler and Stalin (Milton)
Hey guys, most people would recognize that any comment about Hitler and Stalin is in reference to the oppressive way they governed and not their friendship. That's the comparison with obama that he w
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RE: Seek professional help
Trust in Christ? Obama won't allow it. Go back to watching Ellen. You don't have the background to understand.
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re seek help (UL)
lol. Who's the expert? How much research have YOU done on the boston bombers? Or anything else for that matter. Just wait for Obama to tell you what you think? nitwit Location: UL
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some people (lafayette)
U say get sum professional help? we needs to luv de gov'ment huh? hold ur hands out slave. de man coming wit his chains fer yo azz Location: lafayette
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Seek professional help
Blaming the government for Boston? Blaming Obama for the bombers immigrating to the US (a decade ago...in 2003)? UN "soldiers" stationed - you probably don't even know where the UN headquarters is, no
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Reptiles & inverts
Please come and join our new and growing facebook group to buy,sell,trade and discuss all things reptile and inverts.http://www.facebook.com/groups/cenlaherpsandinverts/
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Gay rights and other things (UL)
Gay Rights and other things.It has never been about rights. It's about population control. Homosexuals don't breed and they die young. Gay marriage is about corrupting children and destroying real
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Martial Law is all they need (USA)
I agree. They don't need to mess with Congress or the Supreme Court. All they have to do is declare martial law and all of your rights, property, and freedoms are gone in the swipe of a pen. THAT"s
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I have a question (dwntwn)
Are you liberals prepared to let homosexual couples adopt and raise children?Marriage is about children. Hell you can find people to have sex with, so it's not about sex.Marriage is about raising chi
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obama will kill again soon (UL)
Gun confiscation isn't going as fast as the demon obama wants. He will stage another mass killing soon. Location: UL
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I've read your conservative posts and I think I'm converted (lafayette)
I've read your posts about the demon obama and homosexuals being child molesters and your air tight logic has convinced me in the ways of conservative thought. I was just wondering where I could pick
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Do you love your country? (Lafayette (ULL))
There are a couple of things that people in this country need to understand if we are going to progress as a country: Gay marriage is not something that we should be focusing on right now while we ha
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Wow, Now I'M converted!!! (UL)
Let's see, so you are ok with NAMBLA? You know, your group of adults that want to legalize sex with children. And you think that these people, NAMBLA (that want to have sex with children, remember?)
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Hey I see the old liberal is back (Milton)
Some of the posts must have caused the old leftist to post again. LOL.Take it easy on him. The social security crowd must be tolerated. Location: Milton
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funny, uh no
the old libby dude tries to be witty. not
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The Big Picture folks (PAPA Bear)
The gay movement, the illegal immigrant, the deficit, the gun issue, the abortion issue, the redefining terrorist issue, continuous war, attack on The Constitution, attack on religion, and everything
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