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Important Petition
Justice John Roberts is going to review a case on Feb 15th regarding Obama's use of a fake SS#.The case review is real:http://www.supremecourt.gov/Search.aspx?FileName=/docketfiles/12a606.htmWe do not
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Concealed Carry Class (Walker, LA)
Concealed Carry Class   Walker  LA
Concerned about the streak of violence across the country? Do you want to defend yourself and your family? Don't be a Victim. We are hosting a concealed carry class on 3 Feb 2013 starting at 8 a.m.. T
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"Obama Lord Of The Lies"
Obama Lord Of The Lies
"Obama Lord Of The Lies" The "Lord Of The Lies" Obama keeps letting the Bail Outs happen because he is gets campaign contributions from them. This last week a bunch more are applying for bail outs.
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People for the people (USA)
Hello everyone, I am looking to start a group to raise awareness and start small movements which may snoball into large movements. Topics will be government related such as 2nd amendment challenges,
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Obama's Coup De Tat & Regressive Lies "As Washington & Obama Zombies Cheer"
Obama s Coup De Tat   Regressive Lies    As Washington   Obama Zombies Cheer
Obama's Coup De Tat & Regressive Lies "As Washington & Obama Zombies Cheer"News Flash everybody knows in many UN summit speeches the leader of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a leader of the Muslim Brother
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When The Lies Fail.. Leaders like Obama And Benedict Arnold Always Turn On Their Own People
When The Lies Fail   Leaders like Obama And Benedict Arnold Always Turn On Their Own People
When The Lies Fail.. Leaders like Obama And Benedict Arnold Always Turn On Their Own People In case you have be asleep ever minute of the day. Instead of looking at the stress that comes from the typi
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Re:Stop Obama from Banning Our Guns! Sign My Petition
Re Stop Obama from Banning Our Guns  Sign My Petition
Dykes on Trikes (Sheep City) Jimmy Lee Dykes bit the big one. Not a moment too soon. That's one less whack-a-doodle gun freak trying to bring America down. All the children he terrified on the bus sh
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The answer to all the madness in this country (UL)
AGENDA 21That's what it's called. What the hell is it?!World population control.Sir David Attenborough is a patron of Population Matters, an organization working closely with the United Nations on it
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FrackNation Movie (Channel AXS.tv)
FrackNation Movie  Channel AXS tv
Channel AXS.tvSaturday Feb 2, 20132:30PM est.Learn how Hollywood millionaires and high profile musicians are controlling your Energy & Food costs by closing high-volume farmlands with gas production
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DHS says gun owners are terrorists
DHS Says Gun Owners Are TerroristsKurt Nimmo Infowars.com January 17, 2013Following Obama's choreographed attack on the Second Amendment earlier this week, the Department of Homeland Security announce
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obama's next move (UL)
obama is going to use un-Constitutional executive orders to ban some guns and magazines and some other fluffy stuff. But that's NOT his whole plan.He will sponsor another mass killing somewhere befor
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Multiple shooters eye witnesses say (UL)
The people at the theater, Sandy Hook, and the Temple all say there were multiple shooters. The government says one.Who are you going to believe?http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/01/are-the-latest-shoot
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NOW the left wants sex with children (UL)
The same perverts that pushed for homosexual marriage are now pushing to legalize pedophilia. You could see this coming.Watch how the news media will figure out a way to support it. Satan is in cont
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Jon Rappoport Infowars.com January 8, 2013Piers Morgan (CNN) thought he might pump up his horrendous ratings and avoid having to go back to England. So he invited Alex Jones to come east and appear on
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Among Rob Portman supporters are Republican Senator Mitch McConnell and McConnell's Chinese born Father-in-law James Chao. James Chao is a very wealthy shipping magnate who operates for Communist Chi
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Alert! They need another mass killing! (obama)
The Communist obama WILL sponsor another mass killing to give him the excuse to send the UN for your guns.Watch out at your churches. Watch out at your schools. Obama is planning another mass murder
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*PLEASE READ* its time to wake up and fight!
Carolyn Hamlett beyondthephysical.blogspot.ca December 18, 2012The globalists know that an educated society armed with all the facts and the ability to rationally think and reason as individuals is a
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Why killings now?
America has always been armed and yet the kinds of killings of children and innocent people has never taken place in our country. The global one world government wants us to disarm and all of a sudde
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How to recognize globalist in our government (It's simple)
Many know that globalists are reshaping our country. Many don't know why however, or who these people are.They are displacing the white majority with a hispanic one. Because of the immigration polic
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Government Black OPs kills children
The obama administration is beginning talks on gun control again and EVERY time they want support they send one of their mind controlled lunatics out to killinnocent people. This time it was the most
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