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Failed tire causes 4 deaths in tragic Louisiana car accident (lake charles)
On adult and three children were recently killed in a dreadful Louisiana car accident. The incident happened on a recent Saturday at a major highway intersection when an SUV collided with a school bus
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Avoid being in a Louisiana auto accident over the holidays (Louisiana)
Christmas is over and holiday shoppers have given their gifts. Nevertheless, the dangerous holiday driving season has yet to end. Many Louisiana residents will go to New Year's Eve parties and be forc
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Car accident leads to death of 1, injuries to 3 in Louisiana (Louisiana)
A person who leaves home to run an errand or attend a party at night surely does not expect to eventually become involved in a fatal car accident. Discovering that a family member has died in a car ac
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Possible toxic exposure after explosion in Louisiana plant (Louisiana)
Chemical fires can cause more damage than just structural. Exposure to certain substances can pose a great risk to the health of anyone who may come in contact. Toxic exposure is particularly troubles
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Louisiana car accident takes the life of a police officer
Being a police officer is a dangerous job with many risks. Driving above the speed limit while responding to a call can increase the danger involved with driving, which can create catastrophic acciden
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Auto accident injures Louisiana judge (Jefferson Parish)
Unfortunately, car accidents are a common and even daily occurrence in Louisiana and throughout the country. They don't often, however, involve Louisiana District Court judges. One such auto accident
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Louisiana car accident: 8 children injured in school bus crash
When we watch our children climb aboard their school buses in the morning, we fully expect them to arrive at school safely. The truth is, though, a school bus in Louisiana is just as likely to get int
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2 practices to help Louisiana drivers avoid pain and suffering
Drunk drivers and people who fail to use safety belts in Louisiana put themselves and others in danger. Indeed, the latest statistics from 2013 regarding car accident fatalities proves this to be true
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Bus rider files personal injury claim against driver who hit bus
An injured bus passenger recently filed a legal claim against a driver who struck the bus she was riding. The Louisiana personal injury lawsuit blames the driver for rear-ending the bus and causing he
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Pollution at Home
Environmental or toxic pollution can cause several types of illness and disease, from minor skin irritations, asthma, or a sore throat all the way to fatal diseases.The links between asbestos and meso
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Merck orders return of defective drugs in nationwide recall
Merck has recently announced a recall of Liptruzet, a cholesterol drug. The company cites packaging problems as the reason for recalling the defective drugs. The recall will temporarily remove all who
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Louisiana cyclists have memorial to prevent catastrophic injuries (Baton Rouge, LA)
Dozens of bicycle riders gathered together in Baton Rouge on a recent Sunday afternoon in remembrance of a man who was killed by a car on his bicycle. The Louisiana cyclist was struck two years ago by
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Murder charges in hit-and-run Louisiana auto accident (Lake Charles, LA)
On a recent Tuesday, a 22-year-old Louisiana man appeared in court to face charges relating to the death a 6-year-old child. Prosecutors allege that the man caused an auto accident which killed the bo
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Harsh weather car accident reminds Louisiana drivers to stay safe (lake charles)
Harsh weather conditions are continuing to create numerous problems for drivers in Louisiana. Indeed, freezing storms across the state resulted in one recent car accident, in which two Southeastern Lo
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What you need to know about Social Security Disability (lake charles)
If you have qualified to receive the benefits entitled under Social Security Disability, there are rights and responsibilities on your behalf that are required in order to effectively move the process
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Offshore workers litigation: Louisiana man sues deepwater driller
Louisiana seamen face many different dangers while working on the job. Injuries could result from an unseaworthy vessel, an accident on an oil rig or due to some other kind of maritime incident. Howev
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$90.5 million in compensation for awarded to Louisiana plaintiffs (New Orleans, )
The relatives of three people who were killed on Christmas day in a 2008 Louisiana car crash have been awarded a $90.5 million settlement. The compensation award follows a decision made by a Civil Dis
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