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Website Theme Laredo - Outsource.com Laredo, TX
Create a theme image (could be a either a photo, abstracts, painting or a combination) to be used on the website's front page and the following pages. We are in mortgage security business and wan
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creating gifs jpg and ad animation Laredo - Outsource.com Laredo, TX
We are a News Media . We have clients that need ads created. Those will be put on our news website .Turn around time on projects is 3 hours only. Animation may need more time to create.Outsource.com h
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Power Point Presentation The Hypoxic Drive Theory Laredo - Outsource.com Laredo, TX
Need 25 slide PowerPoint presentation on 'The Hypoxic Drive theory\". Must include 3 journal articles that should be used to create the presentation. APA format. Presentation will be used for res
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Wordpress Website - Marketify Laredo - Outsource.com Laredo, TX
I need a marketplace wordpress website built using the theme Marketify. I'm not sure what skills are needed to build this but I don't think it's very complicated.Outsource.com helps tho
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Machine Components 001a Laredo - Outsource.com Laredo, TX
Hello Candidates,I'm looking to hire several CG technical artists. The work will continue indefinitely as long as I continue to complete work in the specified timeframe. Initially, I will be requ
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1 PAGE WEBSITE 1 PDF LINK TO 1 PATENT 4 SALE - Seattle Area Laredo - Outsource.com Laredo, TX
Up scale / sophisticated design a must for the web siteNo new art / copy is neededSeattle area designer requiredThere are no retail sales involved; just a single patent to be sold to large scale inves
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Career transition Laredo - Outsource.com Laredo, TX
This is a research essay about transitioning from a k12 practitioner to becoming a higher education faculty member. More specifically, the writer begins by telling his story of how he was an assistant
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Grant Writer Laredo - Outsource.com Laredo, TX
I need a grant witter to help secure funds for a freedmen's memorial park. This park has received a historical designation from the Texas Historical Commission for being own and operated by the f
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Explainer Video Laredo - Outsource.com Laredo, TX
We would like to hire a freelancer to create an animated video for us with the following script and voiceover. We are open to hearing your ideas.ScriptScene 1:Woman walks through door, turns on the li
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Album Art Laredo - Outsource.com Laredo, TX
Album art design for iTunes. Ashley Rush \"Songs of Redemption EP, Vol. 2\" Something simple yet sophisticated. Does not have to match Vol. 1 design. Outsource.com helps thousands of small businesses
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2 Short Romance story Laredo - Outsource.com Laredo, TX
I'm having trouble writing a short romance story and figured why not let the professionals handle it. Of course a man and women, both needs to be good physical. I don't want the cliche (boy
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Blog Writter Laredo - Outsource.com Laredo, TX
We need you love to play online game such as FIFA 16,NFL 16. We are a website to offer FIFA 16 Coins/Tutorial for ous loyal clients. So, we need the writter can know more about FIFA.If you are good at
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Webpage development Laredo - Outsource.com Laredo, TX
Start up non profit organization needs webpage.I already have web address and server.I would like it to be developed on template format of squarespace and I would like to be able to edit it and add to
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Promotional Video - West Covina, CA Laredo - Outsource.com Laredo, TX
My husband is a pastor hoping to quit his corporate job soon in order to go into full-time ministry at our church. We need to raise financial support so that we can do this. I am interested in making
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Website Writer Laredo - Outsource.com Laredo, TX
Need a web content writer that can address the following keyword areas data, compliance, data recovery, governance, risk, GRC, information security, regulatory compliance and cloud computing. Small co
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writting Laredo - Outsource.com Laredo, TX
I am looking for a writer who has expertise in microbiology field to writting a review article(publication document) on a specific microbiology topic.Outsource.com helps thousands of small businesses
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Blog writer - website Laredo - Outsource.com Laredo, TX
I just want to organize and decorate my website blog.Outsource.com helps thousands of small businesses looking to find and hire talented freelancers. We re the fastest growing online freelance website
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Chic Lit - Ghost Writer Laredo - Outsource.com Laredo, TX
Hi - I write romantic comedy (chic lit). I have a rough 100 pages completed plus plot lines established. I am having trouble with hideous procrastination. I would like to hire a ghost writer to take m
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Editor for wedding highlight film Laredo - Outsource.com Laredo, TX
Looking to get a highlight film edited in a cinematic style. Must be proficient, having edited wedding films before. Must be able to render into multiple formats - DVD, blu ray and web. I will provide
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Thrive Themes Expert Laredo - Outsource.com Laredo, TX
I require wordpress thrive themes expert. Applicant must have experience with using thrive themes. must have an eye for designmust understand lead capturemust have proof of previous work, must be punc
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