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do we forgive 70 times for the same unrepented sin or for (different sins that are repented)
Luke 17:3-4/Matthew 18:21-22"Be on your guard! If your brother sins, rebuke him; and if he repents, forgive him. And if he sins against you seven times a day, and returns to you seven times, saying, '
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parents beware contact your govenor dont let you childs soul be sold (for money be aware )
dear mothers of louisiana .please do your homework on a decision louisiana has made on a common core education in elementary and high school.and dont any states love of money take away the rights of y
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dont support hollywood dont buy dvds movies (anywhere)
===========================================================Legislators have introduced bills and statutes that would give pedophiles and other "alternative lifestyles" legal standing. Our society is f
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repent repent =============================================== same sex marriage is an oxymoron the two cancel out each other if one does not repent but lives lifestyle of homosexuality and continues
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lets boycott hollywood pass it along all christians pass it along you (know what i mean )
lets show hollywood christians are not gunna take the in- our -face anymorepass it alongsend this to all your friends lets leave hollywood where the belongin the dust50] For whosoever shall do the wi
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i want to share my googles that help you quit smoking advice hope it (helps you good luck)
when you see the name abby its not abby talking its me abby copying and pasting alot of google sites so send a friend so you will see the name abby alot but its not abby talking and sorry at first th
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fracking destroys underground water but adam knapp chamber of commerce (tries to convince us we need to do it )
he lets on that fracking is good but READ ONwhy does louisiana not worry about destroying our earthwe only have one earthhere is also at the bottom links how paper mills destroy our earthlouisiana WA
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if many vote for david vitter let me show you how it can put your (credit at a huge risk)
SENATOR David Vitter's bill would require food stamp recipients to display photo ID AT CHECKOUT COUNTERS to BUY foodNational advocacy groups for low-income Americans criticized Vitter's proposal as in
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http://www.crisismagazine.com/2013/common-core-sexualizes-american-school-childrenCatholic Common Core Removes Books Celebrating Same-Sex Marrihttp://catholicsforclassicaled.com/catholic-common-core-r
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beware of tv pastors who may be charlatons shysters using snake oil (all over)
"And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not." -2nd Peter 2:3 shysters?eware of
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I know chris christie is innocent because i know how politics work we (are no dummies)
I might have been born at night,but not last nite,so im no dummie..all these attempts to make chris christie look guilty i do not ,let me repeat,i do not,fall for..and im sure most americans know exac
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the gay in my face on tv agenda and sin in the world actually did me a (huge favor -so not all is bad)
the gay in my face agenda on tv has really done me a huge favor,because it tuned me in alot closer to god and showed me how in this world today we really really need god and so now i watch church tv m
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the economic babylon of reveletion 18 come out of her my people (globaly in the world)
http://www.jesus-is-savior.com/False%20Religions/Illuminati/beast_system.htmEverything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy kn
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100$ LARGE DOG HOUSE FOR SALE (9557 hwy 145 downsville lousiana )
100  LARGE DOG HOUSE FOR SALE  9557 hwy 145 downsville lousiana
Recently bought dog house my dog never gos in it so it was a waste so im trying to get rid of it.
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they call themselves christians or pastors or leaders (worldwide)
In the last days ect ect before you elect a president or a senator,or a govenor or go to a church or watch a tv pastor or hear one say they are christian,read read read ,study study study and beware,
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i cant buy cigerettes at cvs but at least i can by alchohol candy and (chips ect whoopie wow i can get drunk )
let me think cvs wont sell cigerettes that kill myself in 20 or 60 yrs but i can buy alchohol that can killl myself in one day of drunk driving along with a family full of kids and parents ,and i can
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truth mixed in with lies (not the kingdom of heaven)
should NOT be deceived by people giving us empty promises or words that contradict the truth.[9] Jesus came to save us from and out of our sins, not leave us in them.[10] A person who struggles with a
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Family in need of help (West monroe)
I have a family in need of help. This is one of my best friends and I am trying to help raise money for a friend in crisis. Please go to this link if you can help. Ty.http://www.gofundme.com/4pdne8
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Huge Proffessional Wrestling Show (West Monroe)
Tickets on sale now at Coldwell Banker group one, and at the west Monroe convention center for BIW's return to the West Monroe Convention Center October 19th. See Tommy Rich take on VHI reality star M
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Looking 4 Investor(s) guaranteed No$Loss W/up to 50%Quarterly Return (West Monroe\Monroe)
Our business is Looking for someone that wants to make money fast, by simply investing a small amount to help a local, Independently owned and operated Automotive sales business to grow and make MONEY
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