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I'm getting tired of this shit being reposted everywhere!!! Stop copying and pasting and come up with something original!!! And shorter to read!!!
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Sick of da tnb???
Sick of da tnb
Check out resist.com and truthmilitia.com.
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Youngest President ever!
Youngest President ever
It's not going to be JFK anymore.It will be Ryan Paul Papke!He is 29 now. In 2020, the first term that he is eligible for, he will be 37.He is running Democratic. His stance on the issues will mirror
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Re: Congresman Louie Gohmert (USA)
Just keep right on doing what you're doing Louie Gohmert. Most people understand gun control will not stop any violence, so losing the ignorant few will not matter. We have plenty of gun laws on the
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I am a twenty year retired E7/SFC: Was wondering if any one wants to talk about what Tricare Prime is doing. I got a letter the other day said prime was going to Tricare standard. This is going to cos
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Texas Independent Voters League (FACEBOOK)
Texas Independent Voters League  FACEBOOK
Organizing Volunteer Independent Deputy Voter RegistrarsFacebookhttp://www.facebook.com/pages/Texas-Independent-Voters-League/146676212168102 Location: FACEBOOK
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The Tea Party Impact (USA)
We use data from a large number of sources to measure the influence of the Tax Day protests by the Tea Party. . . .That data proves that these political protests and the movements they built affected
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RE: Congresman Louie Gohmert
No amount of weapons regulation is going to stop mass shootings. The FBI did a study on the assault weapon ban of 1994 and found it had absolutely no effect on the national crime rate. What's going to
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Re: Congresman Louie Gohmert (ETX)
Instances of mass shootings have increased by more than 200% since the assault weapons ban expired in 2004. Granted, both the duration of the assault weapons ban and the time since its expiration are
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Among Rob Portman supporters are Republican Senator Mitch McConnell and McConnell's Chinese born Father-in-law James Chao. James Chao is a very wealthy shipping magnate who operates for Communist Chi
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Hippies Demonized in LA Voucher School Textbook (LA, USA)
Hippies Demonized in LA Voucher School Textbook  LA  USA
It's good to know what your tax dollars go to.From site:"Of course, the devil's influence extends beyond America's "immoral" youth. Reads another textbook: "It is no wonder that Satan hates the family
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Medicaid Expansion Could Save LA Millions (LA, USA)
From site:"A new report from the state Department of Health and Hospitals finds that extending Medicaid coverage to low-income adults could potentially save Louisiana hundreds of millions of dollars o
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Georgia town
A Georgia town has passed a law requiring its citizens to own a gun and ammunition -- a measure one councilman says is similar to putting a security sign in your front yard to deter criminals.The ordi
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Six New York lawmakers arrested in alleged corruption scheme
A prominent Democratic state senator and a Republican city councilman from Queens were arrested Tuesday in an alleged plot to get the senator onto the New York City mayoral ballot by paying off GOP co
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Philadelphia father of two shoots, kills home intruder
Someone should tell Obama about this before he pushes more gun bans.Lee Heng says he didn't think twice about what he had to do when he heard two intruders break into his home early Easter morning."Yo
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At fundraisers Obama talks climate, regaining U.S. House
He's one to talk, he hasn't stopped campaigning since taking office. How is the other side supposed to work with him if he just wants them gone?(Reuters) - President Barack Obama used fundraisers on
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Outside of the religious aspects, the description in the blog post was pretty accurate. Or are you one of those Occutards who believes that you should be able to live off taxpayer's dollars while you
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The only problem is that the Medicaid expansion creates a mandate for the state to maintain certain levels of funding that come with Federal dollars. If the Federal money is cut, then the state would
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fruit frequency
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Obama says no to fat retirement accounts
The president's upcoming budget plan is expected to cap IRA balances at $3 million.http://money.msn.com/retirement-plan/latest.aspx?post=b4e0b5f5-683c-48d5-b6aa-c5e3d5f039c7
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