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Vocal Lessons
If you are interested in learning better vocal technique or in learning how to read music please contact me! My name is Elise, I have a bachelor degree in vocal music and am eager to impart my knowled
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metal drummer needed asap (san angelo )
Iso a metal drummer that is good at double kick pedals and being creative. I have a band that has bunch of gigs lined up and a kickass set already down. And we are in the process of writing more music
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Pour Me Another - Original
This is our new track! Let us know what you think!http://www.reverbnation.com/northforksyndicate/song/19698821-pour-me-another
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Record your band! (Austin)
Record your band   Austin
I am an Austin based audio engineer starting to book clients for the new year. I work out of Stinson Studios in the beautiful north hills in a state of the art facility open for use 24 hours a day, an
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Rock Vocalist seeking band
I'm 26, experienced, I have great vocals that is influenced by Creed, nickleback, and 7Mary3. I am looking for a non drama band, no drugs, that is looking to do bigger things. I have samples and more
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STAN -Sentimental Guitar Strap
Stan, my husband lost his hand-tooled guitar strap when he pawned his Fender bass during hard times 20-25 yrs. ago in San Angelo, TX. I know it is a long shot but I am trying to track it down as a gi
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My educational background and experience includes:- Grove School of Music Graduate- Berklee Alumnus- Musician's Institute Graduate- Private study with Pat Martino, Howard Roberts, Ron Eschete, Joe Pas
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I can put you in TOTAL control of your music... (san angelo)
I can put you in TOTAL control of your music     san angelo
It's been said that Rick Barda offers truly the most advanced music education program available anywhere, whether it be at a major academic institution or by way of private studies - I do agree, and I
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looking to start band (san angelo)
looking to start band  san angelo
looking to start band with people who like to collaborate and do not have ego problems... stress ego problems... I am easy to work with and love to create new sounds... I do not believe we should try
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rock band seeking drummer
Now playing horror rock, straight forward rock and some new styles. Must have own gear. We write all the time, have a safe and secure practice spot with heat/air-conditioning. Open schedules to practi
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The Skanxx are looking for a lead singer (San Angelo)
The Skanxx has an opening for a lead singer! We are looking for someone who can take control of the show and the crowd.Do you have what it takes?We start auditions soon!If interested message me here.R
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Drummer wants to Rock! (San Angelo)
Drummer wants to Rock   San Angelo
Drummer with 38 yrs experience looking for more projects. Needing a backup or fill in or you got something else in mind? Msg me here!
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Rock band looking for Lead guitarist and bassist (San angelo)
We are currently looking for a Lead guitar player and bass player for a newly formed rock band. We are seeking like minded musicians with the same professional attitude towards writing and playing sh
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Band seeks vocalist (San angelo)
We are a new band looking for a singer ( male or female ). We are going to play rock music but no limit ourselves to a type of rock. We want a singer to come in and collaborate with us and create a so
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San Fran bar needs aspiring DJ/bands ( Big Spring tx)
San  Fran bar  needs aspiring DJ bands   Big  Spring tx
San Fran bar is seeking aspiring Djs and Or BANDS and groups. We are a local bar/ club looking for someone who is a crowd pleaser and energetic. We accept all genres!! If u think this
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Would you like to improve your singing to a professional level?
Mix Bel Canto/Open-Throat is the singing technique that is leading the music industry. It is by FAR the most POWERFUL AND EFFECTIVE VOCAL TECHNIQUE IN THE WORLD. I'm looking for students who are SERIO
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best places to play in San Angelo?
best places to play in San Angelo
Hi!I am a singer/songwriter trying to find venues to play at in and around San Angelo, and I thought that Craigslist might be a good spot to touch base with musicians in the area and find places that
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Guitarist looking to join/start a band (San Angelo)
I've been playing guitar for about 10 years, and was in a band for four. I miss it! My influences include (but are not limited to).....Metallica, All That Remains, Slipknot (one of my favs!), Bullef F
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Singers & Songwriters, Radio Ready & Mainstream tracks custom made, Oppo (World Wide)
Singers & Songwriters, mainstream tracks custom made, Opportunity!Turn your ideas & scratch tracks into professional mainstream radio style music. Played, performed & recorded in a pro audio multitrac
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I have two tickets to Korn and Rob Zombie!! The concert is tonight, November 16, in Wichita Falls. The doors open at 6pm and the concert begins at 7pm!!! If your interested please contact me!! I am i
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