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Looking for someone to help create a interactive touch kiosk. We have a idea of what we want, nothing to hard... we have the artwork completed we just need someone to make it work or develop a softwa
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Hobbyist Game Development Online
Thou Curator is a game development studio looking for hobbyists to help create games using 3ds Max, Adobe Photoshop, C#.NET and similar tools. If you have an interest in game creation and want to be a
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Online Employment Opportunity
As a current user of this site, I promise you that this is a safe and effective way to earn income. A piece of advice is to watch as MANY videos as you can on how to effectively use this site.Copy th
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Put Your Skills To Benefit The Correct Profit (San antonio)
Are you really unsuccessful in a success driven world?We need to assist you get on your own freet.4-part time posistions are available beginning at $300 per week.Click below to learn more http://www.j
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Looking for someone to create/develop a interactive kiosk... artwork is complete just need someone to make it work/go live.
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Cisco Certified Technician Needed (SA)
I am in need of a certified Cisco Certified Technician. We have a VPN tunnel issue. The tunnel is up but we can't seem to pass traffic. Help!
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How to start a business with no cost: (Texas)
How to start a business with no cost   Texas
Let me show you a SIMPLE way to start a business...
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Game Promoters Wanted!!
Game Promoters Wanted
Game Promoters Wanted!! Game Promoters wanted. "No Experience Needed" Will train. Part/ Full time available. Home based positions available. Potential $800 a week in Commissions + Residual Entrepreneu
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Sr. Telecom Engineer - 2 month gig (San Antonio)
Seeking a Sr Telecommuncation Engineer with heavy Cisco and Avaya experience. This is a contract position that requires experience with TDM to IP transformations and understanding of complex call flo
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Looking for Programmer, Web Developer/Designer (SAN ANTONIO)
(San Antonio, TX Residents Only Please - no telecommuting)Roxtar Music is seeking new members for our web development team. Must have the following skillset:-Be proficient with PHP & PHP Sessions-Be f
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HMI for PLC's needed (Kerrville)
We recently switched ERP systems at our manufacturing facility and I have lost my direct interface to the machines for the purpose of downtime tracking. I need to develop a simple system that can grab
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WordPress & Joomla Website Projects
90 Days of Graphic Design WorkTasks• Support Creative Directors in the design, production, and implementation of 2 Wordpress websites and supply graphic updates and tech fixes to existing Joomla websi
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Computer Applications and Project Management work (Texas)
I'm looking for someone to work on a variety of Computer Applications and Project Management assignments that I need completed over the next few months.We will mainly interact via email/phone so locat
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Need Internet marketer (Austin)
I need someone that has a passion for, and is very knowledgeable about internet marketing/social media, seo, product placement etc. also, must be enthusiastic about promoting marijuana legalization. T
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Place Your Skills To Work For The Proper Profit (San antonio)
Are you searching for part time work? We need individuals to begin this week who areinspired and ready to research a new career chance.New representatives will start part time and the best will be cho
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Talented Graphics Designer Needed (SA)
I have a high end web project I am working on and I am in need of a very good graphics designer. Tasks will be creating high resolution banners and images as well as logos. These will be used in Wor
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Ebay Power Seller Seeking Female Partner (San Antonio)
Ebay Power Seller Seeking Female Partner  San Antonio
Top ranked highly motivated & proven ebay power seller seeks a dependable female quality working partner for new a ebay ecommerce start-up venture selling fashion accessories & jewelry. My 5 years+ o
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Seeking e-commerce business associate with SEO expertise
We're seeking a business associate to partner with us on an e-commerce venture for a quality floor coatings store. We have expert industry knowledge in the field and a full line of products. What we r
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mobile-app Co-Founder (San Antonio)
Looking for someone fluent in front and back end development, Including Ruby on Rails, CodeX, and SQL, To work on a mobile app based business. The app provides access to a data net of nutritional info
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Now Hiring Game Promoters (Texas Area) (san antonio)
Find your success in the growing video game industry. Join our inside marketing team, where you'll be responsible for marketing a brand new platform. Top notch sales training provided. Use your creati
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