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Little Rock web host offering free hosting to local artists (Pulaski County)
I'm local to Little Rock, was a founder of the Argenta Public Arts program, and I am offering 10 artists a full year of webhosting space for free.Only requirement: Bring your own domain name or regist
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I can draw your picture
I can draw your picture
Portraits show classic gifts, it adds a different flavor to life. there is a hidden feeling behind art, that not everybody acknowledges. So if you appreciate Art chances are you are somewhat stress fr
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Vintage style original collages
Trying to sell some of my collages so I have room to make more!! They are one-of-a-kind and inexpensive- and make great gifts! Please take a look! :)https://www.etsy.com/shop/sunnysarabethThanks!
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A punk thing in book form (all)
A punk thing in book form  all
https://vimeo.com/21866369See the video trailer above. Join our fan page on facebook and get updates. http://www.facebook.com/RichBoyCriesForMommaBook?ref=hlThis book took me 12 years to make. There a
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Help! - Do You Need A Stage?
Help  - Do You Need A Stage
Can you entertain people? If you're needing a stage to entertain people and practice your talents please contact us! Do you have ideas for entertaining people? We'll listen to them! We need and want y
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Artist/Musicians/Film Makers (Downtown Shreveport)
Artist Musicians Film Makers  Downtown Shreveport
Are you a musician in need of a place to practice? Are you tired of rehearsing in someone's garage?Are you an artist looking for some space to work your magic? Tipitina's Music Office Co-Op & Rehearsa
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Looking for local comic book artist (central Arkansas)
Looking for local talent to collaborate on a 'hacker' comic. Location: central Arkansas
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Do you do wedding Photography or Video? (Arizona)
Do you do wedding Photography or Video   Arizona
http://www.gorgeousweddingimages.com/ is a directory of photography and video professionals. If you are wanting to grow your wedding business send us a portfolio of 6-18 images or aprox 30sec video. A
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Artist seeking females for photo shoot (Shreveport)
Skilled, professional artist looking for specifically some white females that would pose for some pictures. I am college educated and got my bachelor's degree in art and a beginner photographer. What
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A few moments (of peace)
A few moments   of peace
We are all doing so much these days. Seems like we have to do more and more with less and less. Still, we deserve a few moments of peace, right? I made this little two-minute video, it's some of my ar
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looking for someone to make short films with (monroe, la)
need someone who wants to make art through film, shooting some short indie films, no transfomers or stupid hollywood type films. think terrence malik, films with stories, emotion, and cinematography.
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Who created all the beauty in the world?
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9x12 portraits $25 until the end of the moth (Bossier city )
9x12 portraits  25 until the end of the moth  Bossier city
From now until the end of the month I'm taking request for portrait drawings . 9x12 only for the low price of $25 makes great gifts. Contact me if your interested or want to buy some other art Loca
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Film Editing/Rehearsal Space/Recording (Shreveport)
Are you a musician with a band? Are you tired of using someone's garage to practice your music? Are you looking for a place no one will complain about the loud music? Well...Tipitina's Music Office Co
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Looking for Places to play
Hello I am the road Manager of Whiskey Hill I am looking for local gigs for the band to play. We play mostly Country, Rock, Texas Country. Will play in Bars, Pubs, Parties exc. Very fun music and grea
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Man or the Creator, the object of devotion.
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Artists needed for dangerous medical experiment
This experiment will be conducted under the most rigorous university test conditions. You may qualify to be a participant if you are a painter, sculptor, illustrator, photographer, printmaker, glass
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Artist and Craft Vendors Needed (Bossier city Shreveport)
Rock-N-Shop Craft Bazaar -- Vendor's NeededSaturday, June 22nd 9:30am-2:30pmWe're looking for vendors to come out and participate in our Craft Fair. We have 10''x10'' spaces available for $35. We are
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locations needed for indie short film (Shreveport/Bossier)
I am a student working on an independent film that is to be shot at the end of June. I am in need of a few locations and as I am from South Louisiana, I am not familiar with the Shreveport/Bossier are
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k[ EXTREMELY tall actor for hire ]k
The title says it all. I'm a full six foot five sopping wet. You may be thinking, "that's not extremely tall." You're not taking into account that I also wear lifts in my shoes. I had a pair of c
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