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$9, AR500 Shooting Targets, Torso, Gong, Plates, Stands and more Starting at $8.99 Ad id: 1201152203965281 |  Views: 18

Price: 9 USD
Date listed: 5 years ago
Shooters Element AR500Steel ShootingTargetsfor professional and recreation shooters.

We don’t just make steel targets, we engineer andmanufacture our targets for economy, convenience and longevity.
If you’re usingShooter’s Element targets, you’re using the best.
Our variety of common and SE exclusivedesigns will give you the best value whilehelping you develop skills as a shooter, and have fun doing it all at affordableprices!

We stand by our product and offer acomplete line ofshooting targets constructed from AR500 steel thatwill last a lifetime.

Madein the USA with US steel…no import or lowquality 2nd hand steel here.

Nevershot steel before? You won’t stop once you try it out.
·        It’s fun
·        Easy to use
·        Lasts a lifetime

Our targets have alreadybeen used in classes with trainers suchas Travis Haley from HaleyStrategic Partners, GlenStilson fromIndependencetraining and ChrisWillden fromStrategicTactical Group.

Our prices start as low as$8.99!
Get your targets today by visiting www.ShootersElement.com 

As a small family owned company we appreciate yoursupportand business.

If you have any questions, feel free to stop bythe page andfill out a contact form, we’ll get back to you ASAP http://www.shooterselement.com/contact-us.html

Dealerinquiries are welcome, we offer great margins andaggressive marketing.

If you are a firearms instructor we havespecials for you aswell that blow the competition out of the water. Contact us today andlearnmore. www.ShootersElement.com

Q: Where are you located?
A: We are located near Phoenix, AZ.

Q: Is it expensiveto ship targets and stands?
A: Not withShooters Element. Most order ship for only $6. Local pick up is alwayswelcomeand free

Q: Can you customizethe target?
A: Weattempt to meet the needsof all our customers for AR500targets. If it’s something likecutting anOctaGong larger or changing the layout a little on a torso, we will doour bestto accommodate your request. We will also take on special projects andrequestswith customer providing a designdetails, adrawing, picture to scale or somethingtoget us going. If you have a unique idea and just want to get an idea ofcost,shoot us an email through our contact us page 

Q: Howsoon could I buy a target?
A: Today or sooner! If you don’t see somethingin stock that you want please let us know, it’s more than likely inqueue to becut.

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