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Ecommerce Website
Looking for a web developer who can build us a custom ecommerce store. We have several psd files that outlay the general direction/design we are looking for. Nothing overly complicated (8-10 main page
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Fire Alarm Technician (Richmond)
Are you familiar with Mircom systems? Do you have a valid ticket? Are you prepared to troubleshoot a chronic problem of "ground fault" trouble? No one found the problem in the last 3 years! Please res
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Digital Presence Needed (North Vancouver)
We are a landscape design-build-maintain company specializing on amazing properties on the North Shore. We need a simple, refined website developed that that is mobile friendly, updateable, links with
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Wedsite Integration (at your home)
I have a group of 4 websites that belong to a same domain. Now, I want to integrate all together and it will look the same website. You can have a look and estimate a price for me.I have a main websit
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Do you have experience with web sites? (online)
I have two medical marijuana web sites, current and on-line, that I acquired for a reasonable deal but lack the time and effort it will take to get them to the level they could go. I am seeking an ind
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Android Developer with C/C++ Integration (NDK) (Coquitlam Library)
Android Developer with C C   Integration  NDK   Coquitlam Library
Hi!I'm a mobile developer and just need a little help with integrating the NDK plugins with ADT on a Mac environment. I just need a little tutoring regarding this matter and have some simple code that
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Need Outlook 2013 Expert (Bellingham)
I'm loking for someone with extensive Outlook experience to help me consolidate an exchange server and merge contact folders. Pretty easy gig for those who know thier way around MS Outlook, but a litt
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web designer seo expert (vancouver)
I need help designing a professional website for a nanny agency in Vancouver. I need someone to come to my house no long distance webbers.i have all the text, most of the pictures, and legal disclosu
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Need- a (talented) web developer for project/business (Vancouver)
Hello , I got a web project that I am working on..as if right now it is just on paper but the vision is very clear and I know exactly what I want.. What I need is a professional to help with the techn
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Need a Javascript expert! (Coquitlam or Vancouver)
Myself and a friend are currently putting an app together using Appcelerator but our knowledge of Javascript is rather limited. Most of the app is very basic, being a series of pages with text and pic
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Web Master wanted + Marketing skills a HUGE plus (Bellingham)
This is a short term gig that could very easily turn into a long term/ full time job. Consider this a test run. I need a web page built, including all the artwork and custom logo work. This will inc
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Wanted: Help with Raiser's Edge (Vancouver Downtown)
I need to learn Raiser's Edge and can't find any courses. If you know it and would be prepared to share your knowledge, I'll pay you by the hour for some tutorials. Location: Vancouver Downtown Com
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I need help with Tax Return 2012 (Coquitlam _Burnaby_New west)
Any one has software for income tax return 2012 with 2 returns left ,(turboTax,Ufile and so on .....)We have minimum disability incomes very simple Need help or just to use to e-fileThank you Locat
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Looking to partner up with a programmer (Vancouver)
I am looking for a programmer that is available full time, knows Wordpress, PHP, AJAX, CSS. HTML 5, responsive design coding and methodologies etc. and that needs/wants work. If you're reliable and a
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game design (Vancouver)
I have a idea that will blow any game we have to date. Its an MMO.I have no, money.I have no experience in making games.This game will fly.Ideas of the gameBattle mechanics of Wing CommanderEconomic
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Professional Website Design. 15 Years Experience (www.Awepra.com)
Professional Website Design  15 Years Experience  www Awepra com
Everything you need to get your business started or performing better. Visit http://www.Awepra.com today. Location: www.Awepra.com Compensation: no pay
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Looking for help in an electronics project (surrey)
Hi I need some help in a project which requires me to design either a three phase ac motor or a brushless DC motor drive and speed controller using an analog signal. If you are interested, please emai
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web designer and seo expert (vancouver)
Seeking an innovative, creative and dynamic web designer. I have some ideas and all the script. This website must look professional. I live in Vancouver so I need someone to meet me at my house/off
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Looking for a special company (Nanaimo)
We are seeking a special web design / marketing company, for a very unique project.Myself and 2 friends are making the longest motorcycle trip in history (210'000km)For a Guinness world record.We are
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Email Blaster (Vancouver)
We are a retail/wholesale importer and we are expanding our customer base with a new advertising campaign. We require 2 people starting immediately for a two week period to assist with email blasting
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