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RCMP: Duffy defrauded Senate of $65,000RCMP Corporal Greg Horton today filed an affidavit in Ontario Superior Court, asking for access to bank files and saying he has "reasonable grounds" for believin
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Canada-Costa Rica bilateral investment treaty
(Alert: Canada to is currently being sued for a moratorium on fracking under Nafta for $250,000. These agreements are signed to allow companies to operate unrestricted by local, provincial and federal
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What We Need in Canada--Canadians FIRST End to Immigration Madness! (All Across this Land)
We Need Party representing British Canada. Canada was NEVER multicultural it is a lie that is being made up to erase us. Notice that on pamphlets, banks, wherever you go you see less and less white p
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Censoring CBC to protect gay MP's
http://dailyxtra.com/toronto/news/the-cbc-censoring-canadians-protect-john-baird?market=207Guess who is out!Good for them but bet the cons base don't know.Not a good sign that the CBC has so much cont
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love Asian girls (---LOVE---)
love Asian girls   ---LOVE---
ps. to all your bitches in north America screw you ..jealous full of poison like snakes ! nothing wrong with having a young girl for sex or young wife at my old age ps. jealous bitches go find a dog
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no fracking in BC
Anyone who uses water need to read this.http://thetyee.ca/News/2013/09/20/Encana-Fracking-Lawsuit/
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Canadian Anglo Culture (Canadian English Family !)
why the Majority of English Canadians come from broken homes , divorce families ? gay parents ? single mothers ? how can the kids be normal ? With so many Anglo Canadians losers having bastard childre
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Young Men Do not Marry . It is a Rip-off (don't be a slave )
Young Men Do not Marry   It is a Rip-off   don t be a slave
for your mental health read; If you want to be a slave for the next 20 plus years then go ahead and marry . 50%+ end in divorce and the women initiate 80 % of divorces . They get the kids and the hous
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re ; veterans, war mercenaries (War)
re   veterans  war mercenaries  War
veterans, war mercenaries google USS Liberty, and be amazed at how POTUS could agree to allow Israel (1967) attack US vessel in hops to accuse the Cubans (and they might have got away with it, weren't
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White Anglo canadian-trash can't afford Richmond
Let me tell you all once and for all 1 The housing market is not going to fall, even if it does you still can't afford it. 2 The economy is booming because the East Indian /Asian market. 3 Vancouver i
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No fracking in BC.Water is our greatest resource and is already in short supply.If you think water is not a big deal try going without it for 24hrs.Every thing we eat, wear or use, depends on water at
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Concerned about Water?
Stop buying Nestle products until they agree to pay for all the water Nestle is taking free in Hope BC.
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Belgian Grand Prix ceremony
The video of our hijack of Sunday's Shell-sponsored Belgian Grand Prix ceremony has been pulled by YouTube following a "copyright" (aka "embarrassment") complaint. While the take down appears to have
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No Military Intervention in Syria (Victoria/Vancouver Island)
No Military Intervention in Syria  Victoria Vancouver Island
Was quite surprised to find there wasn't anything going already for this in Victoria. Does anybody else have qualms about this issue here? If you're interested in helping put together a local movement
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Why boycott Nestlé and Nestlé products? (Victoria)
Why boycott Nestlé and Nestlé products? Nestlé is one of the world's biggest food and water distributers. It is well known for its water brands and what those brands are doing to the world's water sup
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The New Face of Canada Do Something! (All Across This Land! )
http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/wanted-recherches/index-eng.htmhttp://fullcomment.nationalpost.com/2013/03/20/chris-selley-richmond-b-c-makes-the-right-call-on-chinese-only-signs/ Location: All Across Thi
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September 11, 2001 (Victoria)
12 years after September 11th 2001, an overwhelming number of people still believe that Osama Bin Laden and his terrorist organization are responsible for the attacks on New York. It is no coincidence
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Who like the English in Europe Who ??
England is an inbred country of idiots, most of which struggle to write their own name, convinced of their own superiority because once upon a time they had an empire, Europe bailed us out, specifical
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Depleted Uranium - A Weapon of Mass Destruction (Anglo war crimes , Canada , U.S, England)
Depleted Uranium - A Weapon of Mass Destruction   Anglo war crimes   Canada   U S  England
After 3 years of investigation by 60 expert witnesses and jurists at a cost of $1 million raised by Japanese citizens, the International Criminal Tribunal For Afghanistan at Tokyo on March 10, 2004 fo
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BC Economy (BC) is finished !
Little to nothing in the manufacturing sector in B.C and Canada. A minimum wage no one can survive on. A housing bubble which has been inflated to the point of bursting. Average incomes of $67,000.00
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