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Crane Op Wanted (Delta)
We looking for a Crane Op with own equipment for an upcoming music video this Sunday (July 28, 2013). This is a volunteer position but you will be working with a great team which could lead to future
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Looking for crew for music video (Vancouver)
Looking for crew to work on a music video (camera, lighting, hair and makeup).The artist has been signed to Mercury/Universal/Last Gang Records for past projects. It's a really great opportunity to ge
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Location Needed (Vancouver)
Location Needed  Vancouver
Short film is in need of a ground floor, CORNER apartment in a low rise. We will need access to the exterior and interior of the apartment.Check attached photos for relevance. Location: Vancouver Co
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Hi I am a Vancouver Film School Student enrolled in the Film Production Program. We will be filming our final project from September 17th-22nd. We are looking for a stunt coordinator who would be will
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Re: Truck/set costumer ((Langley/Kits))
This company is violating the BC Employment Standards Act by having people work for no pay. What happens if you get hurt on the job? No pay means no job, means WCB doesn't even know you exist.One thin
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Re:Vancouver Film Company offering Internship (Who knows!)
What a joke. Multi-million dollar productions and these people are too cheap even to pay minimum wage! If this was a real production company they would at least have read what the BC Employment Standa
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Director/videographer needed for music video. Artist airs on CMT now! (Greater Vancouver)
Director videographer needed for music video  Artist airs on CMT now   Greater Vancouver
Promising artist currently featured on CMT and other TV shows looking for an excellent director for the next music video. Please view "Take Your Time" by Beatrice Sallis on YouTube to see currently a
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Business looking for videographer to do training videos & commercials (Port Coquitlam)
Small but well-established BC business looking for talented directors for training videos. We also need a sales kit and local low-budget commercials for both local TV channels and online sales videos
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re re Vancouver film, and truck etc (van)
Thank you people. Yes you are both correct. These ads are posted without pay and a total ripoff to some young film student. They are looking for a naive young person. I tagged both. Please watch ou
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film offers be careful (van)
These ads that say a big film company hire with no pay are a lie. A big company can afford to pay for these jobs. Call BC film commission 604 730-2732 They can tell you if you should work for
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Durex commercial seeking PRODUCTION DESIGNER (Vancouver)
We are looking for a production designer to work on a one-day shoot of a 30 seconds Durex commercial.You will have a decent budget to work with and we will work with you to get you some help in additi
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Guy With A Camera Want To Shoot Feature For Fests Work For Little No $ (Vancouver)
Got a film with actors and great script and the works, just need a camera to shoot it. Will be fun and since the world will see it, might open you up to more opportunities for your passion to live.
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indy gaffer gaffer/grip needed (for Vancouver film)
Gaffer/Grip swing needed .Can you light for the Dop/red Camera ?I need a lighter/grip skilled enough to Use a small Tungsten Lighting pkg to set up film lighting for the Dop.(1000w & under. / no heavy
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Looking for a camera operator for Thursday night (downtown Vancouver)
Hi, I'm looking for a camera operator for a educational event tomorrow/Thursday night in downtown Vancouver.This is an amateur shoot, I have a Canon AVCHD handycam, tripod and mic and just need someon
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Make Up Needed For Short Film Shoot (Abbotsford)
Hi everyone,We are going to be shooting a short film in Abbotsford from the 25th to the 27th of July and we are in need of a make up artist. There are no special effects needed, just basic make up. We
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Key Grip (Lighting tech) Needed for short film (Abbotsford)
We are going to be shooting a short film in Abbotsford from the 25th to the 27th of July. We are in need someone who can help out with lighting, someone who knows what they are doing. This is a non pa
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Experienced Editor Wanted (Vancouver)
Seeking an experienced editor to edit a 2-3 minute trailer for a documentary film that is currently in post production.The film is experimental in style and deals with aspects of sexuality. Further de
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Feature Length Script Wanted (Vancouver )
Feature Length Script Wanted   Vancouver
Hello,I am an International producer in Vancouver area, I am looking for a feature length script in English to have for my next project. I am applying for a grant which my production company is eligib
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re: Re: Struggling Script Writer Seeks Production Crew For Movie Trail
He has a bigger problem. The movie rights to the show he wants to pitch as a movie are most certainly owned by someone already--and there are probably a producer or three who also have tried to approa
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Hello there! We are currently looking for two PAs or young film peoples to help us out on a set build for our short film. Dates on which we are looking for help are:Monday 15thThursday 18thFriday 19th
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