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On Sunday Jan. 5th a friend of mine finally got his 6month old female Aussie he had been waiting on for about a month. After the dog was delivered, the first time the door was opened the new dog took
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Our dogs, George and Rudy, have been missing from our home since sometime between 9pm Dec 18 and 6:30am Dec 19. We live in the Tumbleweed Addition on FM 439 just outside of Nolanville. They are both "
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Lost Young Female Husky Purple Collar (South Terrace Apts Waco, TX)
1/1/2014 Young female husky broke out of a window at the pet sitter's residence. Last seen wearing a reflective purple collar with a broken leash clip attached to it. She is black and with tricolor as
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Lost Miniature Schnauzer (Gatesville)
Lost Miniature Schnauzer in Gatesville near the golf course. Has a collar with his name on it. Please call if you find Baxter, he has seizures and needs to come home.
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LOST - Backup hard drive (Waco)
Lost on Monday, small Hitachi backup drive probably in North Waco area - not really sure though. Had a business card taped to it, might have fallen off.
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Waco..Found Dog by Tennyson Middle School (N. 60th Street)
Waco  Found Dog by Tennyson Middle School  N  60th Street
I found this sweet female dog yesterday (Wed. Jan 9) in my front yard across from Tennyson Middle School on 60th Street. Seems very well taken care of and knows some commands. I don't want to let her
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Reward for Missing Dog (Lacy Lakeview)
Reward for Missing Dog  Lacy Lakeview
My black and tan bloodhound went missing New Year's Eve night. He answers to his name Cleatus, he was wearing a brown leather collar with a name plate with his name and phone number. He is a family do
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lost (34th st &morrow)
please help return my wifes baby. his name is petey. hes 3 years old gray and white mini schnazzer. hes been went missing on 1/09/2014. please contact us so we can get him back home. my wife is lost
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found dog
Found black and white English Setter on i35 around Ross Texas has a leather collar with name plate on it but it is the wrong number please contact me at 254 5826 124
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Cat Hit By Car (S. 6th St)
I was visiting Waco from Austin this past Saturday evening, 1/11, and saw a cat get hit by a car in the 700 block of S. 6th St, near Tres Mexican restaurant. Cat was white with orange tabby markings,
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Found (Bellmead)
Found  Bellmead
Found female rat terrier running down Bellmead drive ,close to rent a center before heb
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Red Heeler Alert!!! Radio Tower Rd.
Please help us find our male red Heeler. He went missing off of Radio Tower Rd. in Waco. There is a reward for his return. He is very friendly. I pray that who ever has found him, to please contact me
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Puppy Found in Abbott (Abbott, TX)
Puppy Found in Abbott  Abbott  TX
Puppy found on December 31 in Abbott. Looks to be about 4-5 months old. He is brown and is wearing a green and blue reflective collar. He is very well-mannered and relaxed.
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Reward: missing dog (Lacy Lakeview)
Reward  missing dog  Lacy Lakeview
Reward for missing bloodhound. Cleatus is a 6 year old neutered black and tan bloodhound with a white patch on his chest. He was wearing a brown leather collar with his name and information on it.
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I ran over this dog@ n 24th (waco)
I ran over this dog  n 24th   waco
I ran this little dog over. Me and my husband knocked on doors but couldn't find out who it belong to. It was favoring it back leg and I felt to guilty to leave it. Looking for owner . It's a mix. P
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FOUND: Eyeglasses in Hewitt's Walmart Parking Lot
I found a pair of prescription eyeglasses in the Hewitt Walmart Parking Lot on Friday, January 17th at 7am. They were located on the grocery side entrance area.Please call, text, or email me for infor
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Found brown male dog (Valley Mills Dr.)
Medium to large size dog seen yesterday at the Shipley's Donuts on Valley Mills Dr. parking lot. Male, shy. No collar. May be part shepperd and lab. We are in from out of town and were unable to he
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Lost pikapoopom (hwy77 Robinson)
Lost pikapoopom  hwy77 Robinson
Lost Chevy. $ REWARD $2546628598 Julie2542247677 Tanner
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Missing Black and White Cat (Park Meadows Dr-Hewitt Post Office)
Missing Black and White Cat  Park Meadows Dr-Hewitt Post Office
Lost kitty!Name: MaxBreed: Domestic Short HairColor: Black and White TuxedoSex: Neutered MaleDate Lost: 1/18/2014He is a friendly little guy with big green eyes and he loves to talk! More than likely
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LOST JEWELRY: Blue Topaz Necklace and Ring (Waco, Tx)
I have lost a Blue Topaz Necklace, Blue Topaz Ring, and an Onyx Necklace. These are my favorite pieces of jewelry, and I'm heartbroken!!! I'm offering a reward if someone has found them and would retu
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