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Cowards Swim In The "Regressive Globalists" Delusional Pool Of Urine (I Will Not Comply !!!) Ad id: 2111135102752126 |  Views: 121

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Date listed: 8 years ago
Cowards Swim In The "Regressive Globalists" Delusional Pool Of Urine (I Will Not Comply !!!) This generation is no different. Like a Red or Blue delusional political football fans people think if I watch TV real hard; I will win. This generation of cowards is swimming in the same delusional pool of urine Washington streams from the media every term. No wonder nothing changes, the same old Washington Red or Blue manipulations and distractions work today. Watch as the genders, skin colors and gays swim with the stream of urine and ignorant carnage that comes from Washington today. Wow Really, That Still Works !!! When are people going to grow up and see your Red Or Blue Washington gods or paid liars; Are Not Working For You Any More!!! Washington's loathsome creators are clearly fighting for seat at the One World Government's table NOT FOR YOU !!! Watch this term as Job numbers stay the same and Washington's Corporate Sponsored Greed, Outsourcing like the TPP, Tax Havens, Bank Fraud Increases, Corruption and Rothschilds Corporate Oil Trade War sky rockets this term. Watch as the freedom & rights of Americans Citizens get Jerichoed again by the Red & Blue Globalists in Washington next "False Flag Attack" as if US Citizens are to blame. Watch as people back stroke into thinking a One World Government would be a utopia under theses transparent and loathsome creatures. Watch as Washington's cesspool of lies converge, mottled thoughts and reason become the norm. And how what's right is considered wrong and whats wrong is considered right almost over night. You would have to be a child left behind or a "Campaigner Without A Brainer" not to see Rothschild, Bush & Obama Globalists agenda is Narcissistic greed & madness at it's worse. It baffles me how American Citizens don't see hedge fund leches buying people foreclosed family homes by the thousands and the debasing of our currency. That American Citizens don't see that distraction like Food Stamps, Welfare and government run Medical are a sick & evil game like Workman's Comp. That in the end this generation is just swimming in urine from Washington's NWO or One World Government agenda. And in the end, if this generation does not wake up, they will be the one's that drowned in the NWO's pool of urine.The Standard Regressive Globalist Supporter Today : http://youtu.be/3Czf2paPKLMWhat Is Happening & Important Now : http://youtu.be/X92FSj-4IBwThe Plan Of "Culling The Heard" In America : http://youtu.be/wuxMcMwA3t8I Will Not Comply !!! : I'm done being passive, you can wallow in your Government Sponsored delusion and petty arguments. I'm not supporting Corruption, Outsourcing, Bank Thievery, Debasing our Currency or Corporate Oil Trade Wars and Washington's High Treason anymore. Every entitlement, service or oath breaker I have paid taxes for or supported to this day has turned out to be a legal battle or a total rip off. I Will Not Comply any more the IRS and ObamaCare will be getting a "I Will Not Comply" return letter this year. I use cash, barter, trade and go tax free from now on. If this government spies on us I will spy on them back. If this government taxes us I will tax them back. If this government fines, warrants or attacks us I will attack them back. If this government targets us at our homes I will Target them at theirs back. We are American Citizens ! We will not be tread on by this treasonous and corrupt government any more. Kevlar and High Tech Toys will not mean shit if they cross my line in the sand. 1700 Pennsylvania Ave (google map) (yahoo map) Location: I Will Not Comply !!!

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