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Date listed: 8 years ago
Children deserve better they deserve our best. My experience has taught me that as long as we stay silent no reform will ever happen. Child Protective Services and their judges will continue to remove healthy children from innocent parents (95%). Children who should be removed are given back to guilty parents (5%). How does this happen? 1. There is no oversight, Judge Montemayor said so on the local news. From his many years of experience why does he and the other 2 judges continue to rubber stamp CPS requests? 2. There is zero money deposited into CPS bank account for healthy families. There must be product sell to the government to receive government monies. So CPS must break healthy individuals. Broken families and broken children are the product that CPS sells to the public and to the State of Texas to receive monies. 3. To become a policeman, secret service agent, any government employee, they must undergo a background check. CPS workers who are government employees do not, yet they are entrusted with the most vulnerable citizens in society, our children.CPS can do whatever it wants because their is no oversight. What does the mouse do when the cat is away? They are very good at keeping the cat away. CPS has rehearsed statements when a CPS case makes it to the media, "Oh let us investigate" their internal investigations never brings changes nor responsibility. Internal Affairs is a good old boy system. History has shown that when an outside watchdog audits it is then when reform begins. CPS doesn't not want to make the changes.Why? Because CPS workers make very good money at breaking families and breaking children, visit their parking lot and take a look at the cars they drive. When any one of us advocates-activists confront CPS they do not want to hear solutions and when they do they pretend to be interested but quickly go back to what gets them in the news, go back to what the actions that keeps foster homes unsafe, go back to business as usual. Then CPS cries out when anyone comes knocking demanding answers to why another child has dies under their control and begin to cry that they are overworked, underpaid, and understaffed. And get to go home in their nice car to their nice home courtesy of breaking another child while that same child goes home in a body bag. CPS never listens to children, they have no rights. So it is up to us to speak out for them. Judges sending children to unsafe foster homes must end. The only way to do that is to do so legally which is to stand up to CPS and these judges, stand up for children, you are their only voice. Attend rallies, stand by children, and vote out these judges. We are all that children have they have no one else.

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