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Date listed: 8 years ago
Give thanks today for the stability, comfort and contentment you will enjoy this Thanksgiving.Advocates and activists who have experience with know that Child Protective Services, CPS, is against children. By their own admission posted on their website 95% of CPS cases are innocent, unfounded.CPS removes children from vulnerable innocent parents by because parents are bullied by CPS and which results in parents being afraid of never seeing their children, parents who don't know their civil rights, parents who can't afford the high priced family law attorneys.Because of your support of CPS's abuse of power aka CPS's child abuse there are children who will not enjoy Thanksgiving with the natural parents who love them and care for them, these children will go unloved today by foster parents aka fake parents.Because you buy into the fraud of CPS, children will not see their innocent parents, these children will have to endure seeing the biological children of the foster parents treated well while the CPS children will be outcast, not included.Because you support of CPS's abuse of power and their violations of children civil rights these children will be broken even more, torn to pieces, will go to bed in tears, heartbroken.Today give thanks to each vindictive mother-in-law, give thanks to each vindictive neighbor, give thanks for each bully you know, for these are the people who will pick up the phone and call CPS hot line and make a report on you if you ever have a disagreement with them.Today give thanks that judges allow CPS to remove your children based on hearsay information, in other words, a rumor about you is enough to take your children away, a rumor is not enough for the police to move forward in taking someone to jail. Today give thanks that CPS does not need evidence to remove your children to send them to unsafe foster homes.Today give thanks that judges go along with CPS unlawful stance of "We think" rather than "We know" in other words if no crime has been committed, when no child abuse or neglect has been committed by you your children can and will be removed because a rumor was said about you, the money making hot line. CPS fights the solution to allow the calls to go to the police, 911 or to any committee that truly protects children.Today give thanks to the advocates who are fighting to end the unjust violations of civil rights on parents and children, without us your children will never back into your loving arms.CPS abuse of power must cease, CPS abuse of children must stop, CPS Children's Holocaust must end.Where do you stand today? Are you for children or against them?Respectfully,MarieLeague of United Latin American Citizens(LULAC)Chair, Civil Rights Committee

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