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study the Scriptures with assembliesofyahweh.com
Standing between the three great religions of the world, the Assemblies of Yahweh is a lone voice crying out to a Laodicean age, warning of the coming judgment of Yahweh. Will you heed this warning m
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family needing help w/ Thanksgiving food
My family is having some financial difficulties right now and unable to afford to buy the food needed to have our Thanksgiving dinner as a family. This will be the first year that our family doesnt ha
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Family in need asap. Please Read!!!
Sadly to say but I have someone dishonest in my family. At some point yesterday while having family over for Thanksgiving dinner, someone decided to help themselves into my purse. I hope who ever did
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Save up to 30% on your Electric Bill. (Waco Area)
If you already have electricity and just want to save money, switch to Ambit Energy, it is free!Or, get new electricity service hookups in 3 business days, for free.Ambit Energy has one of the lowest
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Disabled couple asking for help asap
I am actually posting this for a elderly couple that I know and want to do everything I can to possibly get them help. The husband is a disabled veteran so of course they live on a very limited income
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VETERANS HONOR WALL (254-707-1348)
The Veterans Honor Wall is now taking names to be posted on the wall. It is for all branches of service, past and present. I am now adding a new Wall for a Memorial for the Fallen Firefighters. If eve
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Shonda Townsend was Murdered-$20,000 Reward (Mineral Wells, TX.)
Shonda Townsend was Murdered- 20 000 Reward  Mineral Wells  TX
During the late evening hours of Sunday July 4th, 2010 Shonda Townsend was abducted and murdered in Mineral Wells, Texas. During the early morning hours of Monday July 5th, 2010 witnesses report seein
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realestate comp/taking disab/vet &fam of 5 (ROUNDROCK)
Disab/Vet process of moving, my family of 6 to killeen , Im on hud vash so the gov pays 30 % of rent ,the real estate company knew this said it was fine .I paid 100, then was accepted, THEN GAVE THE
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Bed and Breakfast Opportunity (Bosque County)
Bed and Breakfast Opportunity   Bosque County
Have you ever dreamed of running a bed and breakfast? Come rent mine and run your own business! A great site in a small town brings delightful guests to your doorstep. Good income. Endless opportuniti
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child care needed (waco)
I am looking for child care for my 18 month old son who is a type 1 diabetic. this means his blood sugar would have to be tested and he would have to be given an insulin shot. We would provide all sup
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ferret or large bird (waco)
ferret or large bird  waco
Very nice large cage could be used for alot of different animals. Very nice ad clean. Just missing the ladder that from bottom from to top but with most animals can climb or I have made some steps.
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Wreck on Sanger/Ricland Intersection 10-17-2013 (waco)
Anybody that witnessed the wreck involving the older lady in the Hyundai please contact me254-326-8045 or email me through craigslist Location: waco
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JUNK Hippy Roadshow is coming to Waco (Waco Convention Center )
JUNK Hippy Roadshow is coming to Waco  Waco  Convention Center
www.junkhippy.com1 day only November 16th 9-6 Location: Waco Convention Center
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penthouse for overnight stay and events space! (dallas)
penthouse for overnight stay and events space   dallas
Secret luxury penthouse is a great and fun place to stay. Located Downtown Dallas. 2 bedroom XXXL MASTER BED, jacuzzi sky line view of Downtown dalllas, special effect LED lighting, 2 bathrooms, 2 sto
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Low Life Piece of Work that Calls Himself a Real Man (Ross Texas & Local Areas)
There is a piece of shit, low life, cheating dirty low down person. If he crosses your path turn the other way. He will cheat on you, lie straight to your face and never think twice about it even wh
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live in home personal care provider 4 patients, disabled and elderly
I am a live in home personal care provider for medical patients, the disabled and elderly men or women who need personal in their daily living at home. I transfer to that clients home and offer my se
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we are here (waco texas )
we are here  waco texas
we are the loyal white nights of the ku klux klan. are you tired of losing jobs to illegal aliens? seeing lazy blacks live off the taxes that you pay in and driving nicer cars than you do after bustin
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Earn Extra Money for the Holidays (Elm Mott)
Looking to earn some extra money for the Holidays. Take the worry out of the holiday seasons. Just email me and I'll send you the information. Location: Elm Mott
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Looking for extra income? I can help! (Waco and surrounding areas)
Company looking for motivated individuals to work from the comfort of their own home. Unlimited income potential. Must be at least 18 years of age, have internet access and the desire to succeed. S
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***********What is His plan for you ?*******
What is His plan for you
God's original intention was that man should eat of the tree of life (Gen. 2:9, 16). Because of the fall the way to the tree of life was closed to man (3:22-24). Through the redemption of Christ the w
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